Seasonal eating will improve your meal.

The last time I ate broccoli was five months ago. I am now stalking my broccoli plants looking for a hint of a head. Protecting it from insects and making sure it has the right amount of water as the weather cools. My planting schedule tells me that I should…

Good things come to those who wait.

I grow vegetables.

People eat snack food.

I teach people how to turn vegetables into snack food. People eat more vegetables and vegetable farmers take over the world.

I have a lot of work to do.

The first task is to let you know that you can’t make kale chips…

Leeks are the allium vegetable of autumn.

Leeks are a vegetable in the allium family that includes onions, garlic, and scallions. These vegetables are native to all parts of the world and still have wild cousins, ramps.

Alliums contain many healthful nutrients, and at the same time, the sugar they store makes them sweet, with a subtle…

A simple healthy fall snack food.

Sweet Potato Hummus Ingredients

Having healthy snacks available in the fridge makes eating healthy so much easier.

By preparing healthy snacks ahead of time and having them ready to go, your options in the fridge become easily accessible.

I love to turn vegetables into snack food and sweet potato hummus is my healthy snack…

But way better than what you can buy.

Masala Chai is one of my favorite beverages to drink in the winter.

It’s like a hug from my imaginary Indian grandmother.

It’s why pumpkin pie flavor is so popular. We don’t genuinely care about pumpkin. We love the spices, sugar, and cream that become masala chai.

At times I…

Planting garlic makes me wonder.

The heads of garlic are swollen.

The sprouts growing inside each clove push out through the tip.

The plant is coming out of dormancy.

It wants to live.

We separate the cloves and bury them in the ground.

The sugar in the clove will give it food until it is…

Save money, time and avoid the fillers by learning about what’s in your food.

During one of my first cooking experiences, I remember looking at the back of a taco seasoning packet and realizing that I already owned the spices it contained. And I didn’t know the purpose of the other ingredients. …

Utilize these two methods to use up vegetables from the garden.

At the farm, we would host an open house each fall and make two vegetable soups straight from the farm. Served with salad and bread, it was the most effortless catering event I have ever seen. …

Just like people, vegetables come in all different shapes and sizes.

The grocery store doesn’t allow us to appreciate this variation. Everything needs to be the same size and weight for consistency when pricing.

When you grow vegetables or buy them from a small farm, you inevitably end up with an assortment of items that don’t fit into the boundaries of…

Julie Moreno

A chef trying to get others to cook their own food

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